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After the long holiday from Christmas, everyone seems unhappy going back to their normal routine. Home – Work – Home – then weekends. Spending time with family and friends is the most vital thing to anyone – so is their comfort and security. This 2018, the uprising demand for the CCTV installation is skyrocketing in the US because of the assurance and reliability it gives.

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Jen, 34, a single mom from Florida just availed the CCTV installation in their small house near the city. “For me as a single mom working everyday, the safety of my daughter is very important. She is my life and nothing else in this world matters. We decided to install the CCTV by ADT because of the obvious security reasons and a worry-free mind. I have the eyes everywhere from wherever I am because of the camera’s high resolution technology. I can see everything at home very clearly. For me, 2018 is the best time to look after the people you love and protect them from any unwanted harm.”

According to huffingtonpost.com 1, Boston Bombings last December 06, 2017, convinced about 40% of the Americans to install more and more surveillance in the public and private sectors. While US never embraced the state-sponsored CCTV like the UK, it is undeniably used as a national security over the years.
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Surveillance and Security Camera by ADT
Since 1874, ADT is already working to protect and secure families, homes and businesses. As more as the technology arises, we also move ahead from the advancing of our products and services to providing more and more packages that comes with home security.
ADT only uses high-resolution cameras to keep you and the one you value always secured. We know the vitality of a well-founded footage, so we make sure that all cameras are crystal clear. Another reason for installing a CCTV Home Cameras by ADT is that it records up to 30 Days of Constant Footage.

“A burglar broke into my neighbor’s house when they go out of the town in South Carolina just for two days. They have CCTV, yes – but they were never able to track down the burglars because their CCTV only holds up the records up to 10 days. They were very frustrated – and all their jewelries and credit cards were lost. I don’t want that to happen to me and my family. I chose the best option. I chose ADT”, says Alice, 38, from Georgia.

ADT CCTV system is working in the background while you are out enjoying your vacation – it can record for a month and by setting up to motion-activated mode, it can store up to more.

ADT Cameras are still working even at night. It knows the daytime and nighttime and automatically switching on in the night mode so one can always have a good view of a secured home. You can relax while watching your family safeguarded and sheltered even you are thousand miles away.

Life is simple. Be worry free because of the security you have in your hand. We make the setting up of the cameras really easy. Menus are very easy to use – we know what people wants and needs, even all cameras are the latest technology, we see the need of not making it complicated.

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Lastly, we understand the need of our clients, ADT dependable customer service is always available online and offline. We have trained engineers available in your area to  maintain any problems with the cameras or systems as soon as possible. We know the essence of being secured, so we provide it. Immediately.

Let’s choose only the safest and most trusted security over 150 years. Your very own, ADT.
1 https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/24/boston-bombings-surveillance-poll_n_3149576.html

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