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Looking for a highly qualified home automation systems installer that will bring the wow factor to your home at a figure that you can pay for? You have found the right place! We are ready to guide your production of the home automation system you have always wanted. Hi Tech Home Pros is ready to put in a high-quality home automation system on your property or commercial property here in Tacoma, Washington. Don't risk the set up of your home automation system on a fly-by-night contractor, get it properly set up as well as programmed by Hi Tech Home Pros. We currently install all types of premium home control solutions including, Control 4, Savant, Lutron, Leviton, URC, Apple, Nest, and Android. Give us a call at our team right now at phone to discover how our professionals of automation experts can bring your estate to life!

Your imagination is the limit when building a Home Control System

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Security Systems

Hi-Tech Home Pros recognizes that safety is a home owner's primary concern. Installing best in class alarms and surveillance systems can certainly safeguard your home. Methods can include closed circuit TV camera systems, off-site monitored cameras, noisemakers, smoke detectors, movement detectors, and glass break sensors. Sensing units can be placed along the perimeter of your property and when activated can set off a variety of actions including activating lights, playing recorded noises, start recording video, as well as send you a smartphone notification. Home control systems can do jobs by themselves such as after alarming your security system all the lights inside your house can be programmed to be shut off. When the security alarm is triggered, the lights will immediately turn back on. Our licensed professionals are trained to program your system to fulfill your requirements. When there is a sensing unit set off, you will be alerted via TEXT, email or phone call. In the event you are away, you will be aware of just what's taking place in your home or business.

- Safety and security.
- Assurance.
- Keyless Access.
- Real-Time Notices.

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Home Entertainment Systems

Entertainment systems consist of audio and visual equipment such as your Hd Television, gaming systems, music player, audio speakers, DVD/Blu-ray players, av receivers and so forth. Movie night or your team have never looked and sounded better with a smart home theater system in you living room. Play your favorite music anywhere in your home with distributed audio. The best part is you won't need a separate remote for every component. Change every possible setting on all of your electronic devices utilizing a single remote control.

- Control numerous components from one remote.
- Distributed Stereo and Video.
- Home Movie Theater Systems.
- Movie Night at Home.
- Listen to Music anywhere in your house.

Home Essentials

These consist of your home's lighting, electronic devices, appliances, windows, as well as doors typically known as the essentials. With your device, you can turn your essentials on or off. By entering a room, motion sensors can automatically turn on the lights. When there is no one in the space, the lights will automatically switch off.

  • Energy saving
  • One Remote Control
  • Automatic Program Lighting Scenes
  • Open and close window shades automatically
  • Voice recognition
  • Easy to use control


Environmental Comfort

Home Automation System integration allows you to control your home's temperature with a touch of a button. Simplify your life so that you can remain in bed to turn up the heating system to your preferred temperature. Other money savings advantages home automation offers is the ability to put your HVAC SYSTEM equipment on timers, so they switch off when not being used.

•    Energy efficiency
•    Save money on heating and air conditioning bills
•    Simple controls to adjust temp
•    Remote access
•    Easy to use

Smart Device Control

Control your home from remotely from a cell smartphone. Your home smart system functions can be accessed via smartphone. You can communicate with your home via cell phone to change the temperature level, turn off lights, monitor security, and a lot more.

- Peace of mind.
- Control.
- Grant Access.
- Safety.
- Check in on loved ones.

Installation and Programing

Provide our CEDIA Pros to do the heavy lifting of installing and configuring your home automation system. Hi Tech Home Pro installers will help you design and install your smart home. Our experts do the installation from just a few simple features to the entire smart home automation packages. From start to finish we will support you as technology advances.

•    Knowledgeable
•    Up to date on latest technology
•    Helpful
•    Service oriented
•    Customer Satisfaction is our goal

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