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Are you in looking for a qualified professional home automation systems installer that will bring the wow factor to your property at an affordable price? Our company is ready to guide you design as well as install the home automation system you have always desired. Hi Tech Home Pros is the choice home automation professionals in Redmond, Washington. Don't jeopardize the set up of your home automation system with an unreliable contractor, get it professionally installed and programmed by Hi Tech Home Pros. Our team follow almost all the top smart home system manufactures and can put in all the major brand names including Crestron, Savant, Leviton, Lutron, Control 4, Apple, Android, and much more. Give us a ring at phone for more information about putting in a home automation system today.

Various automated systems to opt for, Pick one or install them all!!!

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Security Systems

Safety of loved ones and security of home are our client's number one priority. We set up only the best intrusion alarms and surveillance systems in the world. Choices can include, motion sensors, hi-definition security cameras, smoke detectors, and more. Sensing units can be installed around the perimeter of your property and when activated can set off some actions including activating spotlights, playing recorded noises, begin recording video, and send off you a mobile alert. Programming is what makes your home a smart home, for example after alarming your safety and security system; it can be configured to shut off all the interior lights and switching on an exterior light fixture when it's nighttime. When the security alarm is triggered, the lights will automatically turn back on. Our technicians can quickly custom program your system to your requirements. The best part is that when there is a security breach, you are notified via call, SMS or email. You can de-stress knowing that your smart system is looking after your estate when you are away.

- Safety and security.
- Assurance.
- Keyless Access.
- Real-Time Notices.

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Home Entertainment Systems

The systems meant purely for entertainment include devices including Smart TV, music players, amplifiers, audio speakers, etc.. You can finally have the home movie theater system you've been dreaming of to bring movie night or the big game into your living room or potentially the ultimate gamer's playroom for your kids. Fill your home with music and songs of your choosing from the touch of a button on your smart remote. The best part is you won't need 4 or 5 remote for every component. Change every possible setting on all of your electronic devices using a one remote.

- Control numerous components from one remote.
- Distributed Stereo and Video.
- Home Movie Theater Systems.
- Movie Night at Home.
- Listen to Music anywhere in your house.

Home Essentials

These include your home's lighting, electronic devices, home appliances, windows, as well as doors typically known as the essentials. Along with your control device, you can turn your essentials on or off. As soon as you walk into a room, the lights will be instantly switched on. Leave the room and your smart system will turn the lights off.

  • Energy saving
  • One Remote Control
  • Automatic Program Lighting Scenes
  • Open and close window shades automatically
  • Voice recognition
  • Easy to use control


Environmental Comfort

Environmental comfort is controlling the systems that regulate the temperature in your home consisting of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Smart Home Systems Integration provides you control over your home's environment from the convenience of a basic remote. You don't have to get up from your bed at night when you feel that your room needs a bit of heating up. Other money savings benefits home automation offers are the ability to put your HVAC systems on timers, so they turn off when not in use.

•    Energy efficiency
•    Save money on heating and air conditioning bills
•    Simple controls to adjust temp
•    Remote access
•    Easy to use

Smart Device Control

Control your home from remotely from a mobile smartphone. You home smart system functions can be accessed using cell phone. You can communicate with your home using smart a phone to change the temperature, turn off lights, monitor security, and a lot more.

- Peace of mind.
- Control.
- Grant Access.
- Safety.
- Check in on loved ones.

Installation and Programing

Our certified CEDIA installers will program your home automation system and install them. Hi Tech Home Pro installers will help you design and install your smart home. We do installs from just a few simple features to the entire smart home automation packages. From start to finish we will support you as technology advances.

•    Knowledgeable
•    Up to date on latest technology
•    Helpful
•    Service oriented
•    Customer Satisfaction is our goal

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