Malcolm Murray

"Right from the beginning my experience with Hi Tech Home Pros was stellar. When I initially sought to install a Control4 system, Hi Tech Home Pros took the time to explain all the ins and outs of the system so I could make an informed decision on what work needed to be done. As a result, not only do I have an expertly designed and professionally installed system, Dan and Chris are always available Hi Tech Home Pros to help with minor issues both related and unrelated to the work that was done. I couldn't be happier with the guys at Hi Tech Home Pros. I wholeheartedly recommend their work.My system is awesome!."

"Professional and available! I already had a Control 4 system in my house, which I had been maintaining on my own, when I contacted Hi Tech Home Pros. My system was about 6 years old, and needed updating. I also wanted to implement some new enhancements. Having had a bad experience previously, I was hard on the Hi Tech Home Pros team – wanted to know exactly what they were going to do, and how they were going to support me. They cleaned up my entire system, updating every single item with the newest software (we have over 100 programmed light switches) – which was more difficult than installing an entirely new system. They managed to keep costs down, working with old components when possible, and upgrading to new ones where it made the most difference. As with any system, the main test came after installation. The support has been awesome. There has not been an issue that has not dealt with on the same day – including one on Christmas Eve! Thank you Hi Tech Home Pros."

Maia Wilmington

Above and beyond my expectations! Hi Tech Home Pros not only offers the latest in home automation, they also provide outstanding service throughout the design and installation process. The installation of my Control 4 system and home security system was flawless, and two years later, Sean Waters and colleagues are still readily available to answer any questions and provide technical support. Knowing their attention to detail, I recently hired Hi Tech Home Pros to integrate a lighting program (for indoors and outdoors) into our automation system - again, wonderful service all around.

Hi Tech Home Pros was reasonably priced (compared to competitors), and the service we received was more than worth it! My wife and I have been so pleased with all of our interactions with Hi Tech Home Pros, that I have hired them to install a video surveillance and security system for my business. I am confident that if you choose to go with Hi Tech Home Pros, you too will have the same level of experience.

John Clifford

Mr. Mr. Waters, Managing director of Hi Tech Home Pros, has done a terrific job for me.

Two years ago I purchased an apartment in NYC with a Crestron system already installed. The system was installed approximately 10 years prior to my purchase and did not work. I called a company specialized in Crestron systems to fix the problems. It did cost me a lot of money but the system still did not consistently work. A friend of mine suggested to call Hi Tech Home Pros. Mr. Waters eliminated the Crestron components that were obsolete or did not work and replaced them with new components. He retained some components still working and built a new system that works reliably to my total satisfaction. Mr. Waters demonstrated a deep understanding of all system components, old and new. After the installation Mr. Waters has kept in touch with me and could remotely make all changes I requested.

The cost of all services provided by Mr. Waters has been very reasonable and it was a great pleasure doing business with him. I am glad to recommend him for his technical skills, his professional integrity and his kind disposition.

D. Erickson



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