Start Small: Save Energy with Portable Solar Panel

Help save electricity by taking advantage of the sunlight!

Have you ever thought how lots of important systems in your life depend on electrical power? Something as easy as an extended power outage or a long outdoor camping journey will make you recognize how quickly you’ve grown to depend on pocket-sized electronics.

We spent some time looking into some creative source of power lately, and as innovation gets more affordable and more trustworthy, we thought it was a great moment to visit portable solar panels again. GoalZero shows to be leading in this arena, let us take a look at Nomad designs.

What Does it Claim to Do?

The GoalZero Nomad 7 Plus is small, a lightweight photovoltaic panel that can charge through USB utilizing just energy that it collects from the sunshine.


Smart Solar Panel on the couch

7W max output (by means of USB).
12.8 oz.
13 x 8.75 x 0.5 not folded.
6.5 x 8.75 x 0.75 not folded.

Feel and Notice.

First impression is: It does look so small for it to work. My most significant gripe with solar panels in the past is that they were so large and delicate that it was a discomfort to take them anywhere. At a little bigger than a Blu-Ray case when it’s folded and weighing just 3/4 of a pound, the Nomad seems like some next-level charging innovation.

It has a tough little zipper pouch on the back of the kickstand for stowing what you’re charging, and several clip points all over the panel for hanging the panel on your pack when you hike, or whatever other imaginative uses you can come up with. All in all, it’s simply a wonderfully thoughtful style.

Efficiency and User Experience.

Nomad is straightforward to use. Open the panel, extend the kickstand on the back, and discover a place where you can put the panel in direct sunlight. Plug in whatever you want to credit the USB port on the back, and you ready to go. When direct sunlight strikes the panel, the indicator lights on the USB cable television illuminate inning accordance with the strength of the sunlight available, which is a surprisingly useful function if you have ever utilized a less expensive solar panel. Keeping an eye on those lights are a huge aid when you’re searching for a prime charging area around camp.

When the sun’s out, charging works well. On a warm day with little cloud cover, you can charge iPhone at a comparable rate to the small 2W wall battery charger. It charges at a moderate rate when the sunshine isn’t as extreme. However, even that trickle charge was more reliable than utilizing something like a BioLite Camp Range.

Similar to any solar panel, it does count on the sunshine for a charge, and you’re not visiting much (if any) power coming your way on a cloudy day. Utilizing it even with light cloud cover may be kind of frustrating, as power is produced just in spit and sputters as a couple of stray sunbeams discover their way through. A good general rule is that it’s not much use as a battery charger unless you can see your shadow from the sunshine.

The panel is calculated for 7W in the brightest sunlight, which is incredible for cellular phones, GPS units, and other smaller electronics, however probably not sufficient juice to charge up a tablet or anything bigger meaningfully. However, its surprisingly efficient for phones and those other small products. GoalZero also sent me among their Flip20 USB battery packs, which I found to be the best compliment to the Nomad 7 Plus.


This appears to be primary practice in the industry now. However, the Nomad charges through an open USB port, suggesting it can charge almost anything these days. Simply bring along a USB cable for exactly what you wish to load, and you’re golden.


The Nomad 7 Plus retails for ideal around $100, and perhaps a little more if you buy a bundle with the Flip20 battery charger or a rechargeable AA set. I believe the worth here is high, especially with what does it cost? You’ll wish to bring it with you.

For more information on how you can save electricity, watch this video:

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