Automated Pool and Spa Control

Automated Pool and Spa Control

automated pool and spa controlsRelax and put your swimming pool on cruise control. With an automated pool control system, scheduling and operating your filtering cycles, heating, cleaning tasks and water features. You’ll spend more time enjoying your pool than maintaining it.

Whether you are considering installing automation in a new pool or retrofitting an established pool, you’ll make pool and spa ownership a much easier experience. Automated control systems offer you simple, one-touch control of swimming pool devices and features. You can likewise track and examine pool settings and inspect your water chemical balance.

Automated control systems have seen rapid development over the last few years, both in innovation and usage. The innovation and programs versatility guarantee equipment runs at peak effectiveness for minimum energy usage and expense. Their flexible programs allow users to run devices during off-peak times and schedule several shorter cycles rather than one long cycle for adding up to additional cost savings. Another energy saving feature is the ability to adjust the amount of time a pool or spa heater runs. For example, you can set the heating to cycle for 30 min or 1 hour after activated. This is helpful because the user doesn’t have to be bothered with shutting the system down it will do so on its own.

Advanced automated control is excellent for homeowners, who will be away from their pools for a lengthy period. A quick check of your mobile phone, tablet or computer system can allow you to review and updating any pool functions while you’re away. Are you ready to simplify your life with automation? Call us today to set up a free consultation.


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