How Smart Homes Take Over The World (Infographic)


Smart homes has been the next big thing for quite sometime. You might not realize it, but your day is now much easier because of it. Smart home technology not only transform your homes, but also other markets like establishments, office and buildings, science, elderly care, and even healthcare. Here are some factors that shows smart home is not going anywhere.

Financial Growth.

The rapid rate of development in the smart home industry affects all sort of industries. The easiest way to track this is to follow the money. In 2018 alone, the United States has spent $19.827 billion on smart home technology. This may seem like a low quantity compared to the overall size of the American Gross Domestic Product. However, smart houses are everything about connecting different types of technology. It uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to do this. It’s approximated that by 2020 IoT will create revenue exceeding $300 billion. The influential power of that $19 million odd (spent in 2018) suddenly looks promising.

Home Automation.

Smart home cares about your comfort. Its very presence is to make your life easier and less expensive. Different products will have different applications. You can be sure that any room in your house can be automated in some way through this technology.

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Smart Kitchens.

Smart ovens, smart refrigerators, smart microwaves, and the list goes on. You are now able to keep an eye on and manage specific functions in your kitchen area from your smartphone. You aren’t alone in the cooking area any longer. Smart kitchens have your back!

Smart Climate Control.

You can program your thermostat and cooling from an app. Schedule and control these gadgets through a wireless connection through the internet. Be your weatherman and choose the climate of your house. Or save unnecessary costs by stopping these systems from taking in gas and electrical power beyond your spending plan.

Smart Security.

Be the king of your castle as you track display and control sensitive elements of your home. Usage home security systems like smart CCTV, smart locks, smart sensors and alarms to take pleasure in absolute control over what is yours. 62% of Americans declare smart security as the top advantage of owning smart houses. Three out of every 5 Americans who own smart houses will utilize a smart device to monitor their houses. Overall control is now possible from the screen of your phone.

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Medical Security.

Medical Security is getting popular not only among elderly, but also to the heart of the young ones.. Medical Alert System ensures the safety and security of your loved ones, no matter where you maybe in the world. It gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can see what your aging parents are doing at home, and that the police or the paramedic is one push of a button away. It includes Fall Detection, Help Button, Fast Response and GPS Detection. 

Taking the nation at large!

The world is ending up being a smaller sized place, and smarter too. Smart homes have bridged numerous spaces to make life simpler for its owners. America is leading the global charge with 7,5% of houses currently embracing the technology. In 2022 that number is anticipated to strike 19,5%. Life as you know it is changing every day because of smart homes. The infographic listed below programs where it has come from and where it is going. Read on to see the change that lies in wait.

Here is an infographic detailing the numbers and change triggered by smart homes.


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