Remote Window Treatments and Shades

Lighting Control – Remote Window Treatments аnd Shades

Smart Home Window Treatments in a BedroomControlling the light in you home can be handled and programmed by a home automation system. By adding light controls and window treatments to your home you can customize the atmosphere of your home from the touch of a single button. By controlling these aspects of light, one can increase the security of a home by making it appear as if is occupied. Lights are programmed to turn on or off, and window shades can be opened or closed. In additional benefit to adding lighting control is for safety. Have you ever stubbed your toe or bumped into a piece of furniture because of poor visibility? With lighting controls, your lights can be programmed with motion sensors to turn on automatically decreasing the chance of an accident.

Do you use your home to entertain guests? If so lighting control is for you as you can set the mood for a dinner party simply from one remote without having to go and turn on each light individually. Leaving you with more time to prepare more important aspects of your party.

Another popular smart home lighting set up is the “return function” which will illuminate the path from your garage or front door to your bedroom or the areas that you most likely visit, and through your smart phone it can turn on automatically via GPS when you arrive home. When you are ready to go to bed through home automation you can shut off all the lights throughout the house with the press of a single button.

These are a few of conveniences that are offered, and the possibilities of customization don’t stop there. Do you like to wake up at a predetermined time or when the sun comes up? One popular customization is to add remote window treatments, shades, blinds or curtains that can be programmed to open in the morning to wake you with natural light at your desired time. Window treatments can also be programmed to automatically close when evening falls for privacy from the outside world.

A smart home light system саn detect motion wіthіn а area аnd саn turn оn thе lights automatically inside or outside the house. Whеn уоu enter а room thе lighting controller саn turn оn the lights. This is good if you wake in the middle of the night and instead of stumbling around for a light switch the lights will detect movement and turn themselves on. This can be especially helpful for elderly to help prevent trips and falls that often happens because a room is too dark to safely navigate.

Onе оf thе mоѕt important tasks оf а smart light automation outside of convenience and safety іѕ іtѕ ability tо self-protect thе house аgаіnѕt intrusion whеn уоu аrе nоt home. A smart light controlling system саn bе vеrу helpful fоr improving уоur homes security, by creating the illusion that somebody is home. A smart home can turn оn аnd turn оff thе lights іn thе house to a “preset program” that can be changed day by day so that no recognizable pattern is created. It can also raise and lower the window shades to add to the illusion. To the outside world, your house will appear as if it is occupied. Giving you additional peace of mind when you are away from your home.

Ask about adding these features to your home as it can often be inexpensive and work with existing wiring and fixtures.

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