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Are you looking for a qualified professional home automation systems installer that will bring the wow factor to your home or apartment at a price that you can pay for? You are certainly in luck, you have found what you are looking for! Hi Tech Home Pros are the smart house automation installation service providers of choice by a large number of property owners here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Why take the risk in of using the services of questionable installation contractors when you can get top-notch quality home automation systems professionally built by Hi Tech Home Pros? Our team follow almost all the top smart home system producers and can quickly put in all the major brands including Crestron, Savant, Leviton, Lutron, Control 4, Apple, Android, and much more. Contact our team today at phone to see how our team of automation experts can bring your home to life!

Add just one or multiple components to your Home Automation System

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Security Systems

Loved ones and Home Safety are our customer's number one priority. We set up only the very best intrusion alarms and surveillance systems. These include CCTV video cameras, noisemakers, smoke alarm, as well as outside activity alarms. These types of sensors will run along your landscape or perhaps garage and when activated, are going to automatically turn on spotlights or play recorded noises, for example, a warning message or perhaps dogs growling. Programming is what makes your home a smart home, for instance after alarming your security system; it can be programmed to turn off all the in-house lights and to turn on an exterior light when it's nighttime. After being activated the security system will turn the lights back on. Our licensed professionals are trained to configure your system to fulfill your demands. The best part is that when there is a security breach, you are alerted through text message, call or email. So regardless of whether you're not home, you will still have eyes and ears in your house.

- Safety and security.
- Assurance.
- Keyless Access.
- Real-Time Notices.

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Home Entertainment Systems

Home entertainment systems integrate audio and visual equipment including your High Definition Television, gaming consoles, music player, audio speakers, DVD/Blu-ray players, av receivers and so forth. Bring movie night or your favorite team into your living room today along with the home movie theater system of your dreams. Fill your home with music and songs of your choosing from the touch of a button on your smart remote. No longer do you require a remote for each device. Change every possible setting on all of your electronic devices using a single remote.

- Control numerous components from one remote.
- Distributed Stereo and Video.
- Home Movie Theater Systems.
- Movie Night at Home.
- Listen to Music anywhere in your house.

Home Essentials

Your smart home essentials are window shutters, lighting, appliances, doors, and gates. Pushing buttons on your control device, you can easily switch your essentials on or off using motion detector or voice command. Upon entering a room, your lights can be triggered to turn on. Home automation systems can save electricity by shutting off lights when not in use.

  • Energy saving
  • One Remote Control
  • Automatic Program Lighting Scenes
  • Open and close window shades automatically
  • Voice recognition
  • Easy to use control


Environmental Comfort

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning, otherwise called indoor environmental comfort. Control your HEATING AND COOLING from the ease of a remote control device. You don't have to get up from your bed at night when you feel that your room needs a bit of heating up. Other money savings benefits home automation offers is the ability to put your HVAC systems on timers, so they turn off when not in use.

•    Energy efficiency
•    Save money on heating and air conditioning bills
•    Simple controls to adjust temp
•    Remote access
•    Easy to use

Smart Device Control

Manage your home from your apple or android mobile device. Your smart home system features can be accessed using smartphone. Smart Technology makes it possible for you to turn on lights, unlock doors, watch security cameras, and more via a smartphone.

- Peace of mind.
- Control.
- Grant Access.
- Safety.
- Check in on loved ones.

Installation and Programing

Let our CEDIA Pros do the heavy lifting of installing and programming your home automation system. Our team will help you create the smart home you have always wanted. We do installs from just a few simple features to the entire smart home automation packages. Let us help you from conception to completion.

•    Knowledgeable
•    Up to date on latest technology
•    Helpful
•    Service oriented
•    Customer Satisfaction is our goal

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