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Are you in search for a highly qualified home automation systems installer that will bring the wow factor to your home at a price that you can pay for? Well, then you arrived at the right place! Hi Tech Home Pros is qualified to install a professional home automation system in your estate or business in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Why take the risk of using the services of fly-by-night installation contractors when you can get top-notch professional home automation systems professionally built by Hi Tech Home Pros? Our experts currently install all types of premium home control solutions integrating, Control 4, Savant, Lutron, Leviton, URC, Apple, Nest, and Android. Contact us at the phone to find out more with regards to installing a home automation system today.

Your creativity is the limit when building a Home Control System

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Security Systems

Our experts recognize that the safety of your estate and loved ones are a top priority. Setting up best in class alarms and surveillance systems can safeguard your property. Systems can include closed circuit TV cameras, off-site monitored cameras, noisemakers, smoke detectors, movement sensors, and glass break sensors. Sensors can be positioned around the perimeter of your home and when activated can produce a variety of actions consisting of switching on spotlights, playing recorded noises, start videotaping video, as well as send off you a smartphone notification. Home control systems can do tasks on their own such as after alarming your security system all the lights inside your home could be programmed to be shut off. Being a smart security system, the lights are going to automatically turn on whenever triggered. Our technicians can custom program your system to your specifications. The best part is that when there is a security breach, you are alerted through text message, phone call or perhaps email. You can de-stress knowing that your smart system is taking care of watching your estate when you are away..

  • Safety and Security.
  • Assurance.
  • Keyless Access.
  • Real-Time Notices.
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Home Entertainment Systems

Your entertainment system is our pride and incorporates all your audio and visual accessories including your Television or Projector, Gaming Consoles, Audio speakers, AV receivers and the like.. Bring movie night or your favorite team into your living room today along with the home theater system of your dreams. Enjoy your favorite songs in perfect clarity throughout your house. The days of multiple remotes are over. Change every possible setting on all of your electronics utilizing a single remote.

  • Control numerous components from one remote.
  • Distributed Stereo and Video.
  • Home Movie Theater Systems.
  • Movie Night at Home.
  • Listen to Music anywhere in your house.

Home Essentials

Your smart home essentials are window treatments, lighting, appliances, doors, and gates. Only switch you back on or off with your control device. By entering a room, movement sensors can automatically turn on the lights. Home automation systems can save on energy by turning off lights when not in use.

  • Energy saving
  • One Remote Control
  • Automatic Program Lighting Scenes
  • Open and close window shades automatically
  • Voice recognition
  • Easy to use control


Environmental Comfort

Smart Technology can be programmed to control your HEATING AND COOLING systems also known as Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. Home Automation System integration allows you to control your home's temperature with a touch of a button. You don't have to get out of bed from your bed at night when you feel that your room needs a bit of warming up. A timer can control your temperature settings so that you only are using what you need..

•    Energy efficiency
•    Save money on heating and air conditioning bills
•    Simple controls to adjust temp
•    Remote access
•    Easy to use

Smart Device Control

Control your home from remotely from a cell phone. Today's smart houses functions can be accessed and monitored from a mobile phone. You can communicate with your home via smartphone to change the temperature level, switch off lights, control security, and more.

  • Peace of mind.
  • Control.
  • Grant Access.
  • Safety.
  • Check in on loved ones.

Installation and Programing

Our expert programmers and installers will install your home automation systems. Hi Tech Home Pro CEDIA installers will help you design and install your smart home. Our experts do the installation from just a few simple features to the entire smart home automation packages. Our team are here to assist you from start to finish and help support as well as upgrade your system as technology advances.

•    Up to date on latest technology
•    Helpful
•    Service oriented
•    Customer Satisfaction is our goal

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