Medical Alert System: Best Gift to You and Your Aging Parents

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What Is A Medical Alert System?

A medical alert system is a set of gadgets that enables somebody to connect with a live operator should they experience a medical emergency situation. Here in America, the medical alert system dates back to 1975, when American International Telephone Company used clients an emergency home system. The original system consisted of a big medallion used around the neck which, when pushed, would send out a pre-programmed message to a number of the various telephone number.

Medical alert devices have come a long way given that 1975, however. While the facility is still the same, the innovation behind these medical alert gadgets is far more sophisticated now. The majority of medical alert devices still need you to push an emergency situation button, but some companies provide gadgets with advanced fall detection innovation, which recognizes when a fall has actually happened and instantly sets off a call for help.

Whether you require an at home system or a mobile system, medical alert devices include some base station with a medical alert pendant or bracelet. Must you experience some emergency situation, you push the emergency button on that medical alert necklace or bracelet, and a signal is wirelessly sent to the base station, which employs to the tracking center and links you with a live operator. Depending on the business procedure, the emergency situation operator can call 9-1-1 for you, contact your household, or contact neighbors or good friends.

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Who Needs A Medical Alert System?


There are many reasons somebody would require a medical alert system. And contrary to common belief, therapeutic signals aren’t simply senior alert systems. People of all various ages and backgrounds might find them helpful, particularly if they suffer from particular medical conditions.

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Why Should I Buy A Medical Alert System?

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With the popularity of mobile phone, you may be questioning, “Why should I purchase a medical alert system?”

The response is: to guarantee your very own security.

Cell phones have proven to be a fantastic innovation. They do not just permit you to get in touch with anybody, anytime, anywhere, but they likewise enable you to access any piece of information on the internet at any time you ‘d like. Cellular phone, however, is far from ideal. In a real emergency, they do not have the components of individual emergency response systems that guarantee your security.

Here are the main reasons WHY cell phones are UNRELIABLE when it comes to emergency situations:

Interrupted Service

The old Verizon commercial with the tagline, “Can you hear me now?”, Is the perfect way to summarize the service problem with the mobile phone. Service is not ensured and can be spotty in some homes, even if they remain in a protected location.

Not Waterproof

The major downfall of a cellular phone is that they are not waterproof– as anyone who has ever unintentionally dropped a phone in a swimming pool can confirm! The majority of falls take place in the bathroom, after a bath or shower. A medical alert can come with you in the rain.

No Guarantee

Cell phones are terrific if you get stuck on the road with a flat tire or if you want to call your Grandson while you take the dog out for a walk. However, there is no assurance that they will come through for you in a genuine emergency situation.


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ADT Medical Alert System

fall detector

ADT ® Health with fall detection

With a fall detection pendant, the Customer Monitoring Center can be informed after a fall even if the client is not able to press the help button. The pendant takes just under a minute to identify whether a fall has happened. Fall Detector works with both the Medical Alert Plus and On-The-Go Systems.

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The Different Types of Personal Emergency Response Systems

Like most of the technology products on the market today, there is a wide array of individual emergency response systems to pick from. Having advanced from a particular system that just overcame a landline phone connection, customers today have many choices for senior alert systems.

Landline Connection

Landline Connection
If you’re in the market for home medical alert systems, consider going old-fashioned with a landline connection. These personal emergency situation reaction systems include a base station that plugs into both a phone jack and an electrical outlet and a matching medical alert necklace or bracelet.


Cellular Connection

Cellular ConnectionCellular Connection
If you not have a landline telephone connection but are still searching for home medical alert systems, a home device with a cellular connection might work best for you. Much like home medical alert systems with a landline connection, home medical alert systems with a cellular connection include a base station that plugs into an electric outlet, but it does not need a phone jack to connect to a tracking center.


Mobile Connection

mobile connection
Mobile Connection
If you’re interested in having coverage both inside and outside of the house, you might discover medical alert systems with GPS practical. Not simply used as senior alert systems, mobile medical alert systems are typically small enough to suit a pocket or a handbag and can opt for you anywhere.


Automatic Fall Detection

Fall Detection
Automatic Fall Detection
Possibly the most significant advancement in fall alert systems is a medical alert with automatic fall detection. As far as senior alert systems go, automatic fall detection is the supreme fail-safe when it concerns your health and health.




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