Make your Garden, a smart Garden with Spruce

Smart Irrigation System by Spruce...

Spruce is simple to operate, stick the units into the ground and set the sprinkler valves to the Spruce system using the Spruce app in SmartThings. Spruce will figure out the best times for watering your plants and after that arrange them automatically.

Want it automatic? Spruce will take into account the substantial moisture and the weather forecast for your location.

Smart Irrigation System by Spruce...

Love to DIY program? Want Spruce to water more or less, input your individual preferences so that it can adjust its schedule.

Smart integrations with other Smart HUBS
Spruce links to your SmartThings hub so it can easily manage and handle other linked devices. It also utilizes IFTTT recipes.

Exactly what’s to love about Spruce Watering

Real-Time Sensing unit Data: You will get actual time soil wetness data combined with the weather report so that you just water when required. That conserves lots of water and would ensure that your plants are healthy.

Seasonal Smarts: Spruce changes the schedule and quantity of water utilized in accordance to seasonal changes. It will provide your plants a lot of water in the summertime and less water in the winter.

Elevation and Shape Modification: Spruce changes its watering according to the form and elevation of the ground it is watering.

Solid Water Savings: What’s more, you would enjoy the amount of water you get to save using Spruce.

What could be much better
Cost: If you have a huge garden or if you need to water a large area, Spruce might prove to be more pricey. Spruce sells its 16-zone watering controller for $179.99, while a Soil Wetness Sensing unit costs $60. That alone would mean a investment of $250. Fortunately they have a 4-sensor package that costs $390 and a 2-sensor bundle for $290.

Sensors are Extra: The sensors are not needed, but they would make computations much more accurate, allowing Spruce likewise to take soil moisture into factor to consider when deciding just how much and how often to water your plants.

No App/Desktop Control: You can not manage it utilizing an internet browser on your desktop.

For first look on how the Spruce looks like, check this video out:

Final words on Spruce Irrigation.

Spruce Watering can assist you to save on your water utilize without having to stress much about it. Just set up the controller and the sensors, and you’re done. You can likewise manually schedule or tweak the automated schedule inning accordance with your preferences.

Plus it permits you to make the most out of your financial investment by allowing combinations with other linked devices on SmartThings.

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