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How Commercial Automation Can Help Grow Your Business


Be like Bill Commercial Automation

After-work stress? Are you tired of getting phone calls from your people that there is a water leakage in your office in the middle of the night? Getting stocked with e-mails that your designated employee is late and the conference didn’t take place because of the sound system or lights aren’t working well? Well, say hello 2018! Those things won’t bother you anymore!

We introduce, Commercial Automation, a highly recommended system control that will support your dream-like business operation in a very modern way! How does it work? How can it help you, your business and your employees? Let us hashtag #SMARTlikeBill!

  • Security – it’s all that matters. Imagine a security guard that never sleeps – records all what his eyes can see – locking the door automatically – and program to protect even some of network attacks – well, it’s already here and happening now. From 24-hr surveillance to smart-door locks, we can customize what your system needs.
  • More entertainment – controlling what your employees and clients can see? From the latest basketball game to the afternoon music jazz, you can now select what atmosphere they would have! They can also be loaded with some educational, fashion or latest trends since you can set up!
  • Active energy-saver – It’s all in your hand. You can monitor all the electronic usage – adjust the room temperature or the lower the light of the projector? Possible. You can also see a visible navigations to which of your business activities are draining your power supply – and no one can leave the light turned on overnight anymore.
  • Resourcefulness – who would want to focus only on the job description they’ve been hired for? Me. And all your employees. They don’t want to change those cluttered cords of lights and sound systems of your bar– at anytime. Believe me when I say, they will be more efficient when they can focus solely on their duties – when some issues are not manually done anymore.
  • Trendsetter – meeting up with the prospect clients might be very stressful especially with your obsolete technologies – walking out of the room is the last thing you don’t want to see! Why not amuse them with your state-of-the-art conference room that you single-handedly set up with a push-button?

What is your business like? We can help you personalize your needs as unique as your endeavors! Maybe your dental clinic needs an upgrade to save you electric power during winter? Or your SPA guests wanted to have a soothing surroundings different from the traditional ones? We are here ONLY to recommend the smart choice for commercial automation. We cater what you utter. We care for our clients just as you care for your business. Give us a call and be #SMARTlikeBill!

Commercial Automation in School

School light automation

A school-owner Lisa from Texas, started a commercial automation for LIGHTING CONTROL for the whole building three months ago. “It has been a big different learning experience for the whole school community and also to me, as the school owner, I wish I have availed the HiTech Pro’s Lighting Control many years ago. With a platform-software in my hand, I can change the mood of the entire classroom area in just a sec”.






Solutions we provide for Education Business:

  • Lighting Control
  • Audio / Video
  • Presentation Technology
  • Integrated Building Technology
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Surveillance

Revolutionize your business experience with our Commercial Automation from Hi Tech Home Pro’s. Some of the packages you can apply:

Conference Rooms / Professional Business

Take advantage of this high technology generation – impress your audience by setting an interesting place and ambiance to talk about stocks and sales – from thermostat to touch-screen monitor – gaining elegance in all the areas of your conference room. We offer:

  • Unified Room Control
  • Phone Systems
  • Conference Room Media Systems
  • Audio / Video
  • Network Connections
  • Lighting Control
  • Surveillance

Restaurants / Coffee Shops / Bars


Restaurant Smart AutomationEmbrace the new dining experience with our packages, if “Coffee is your bread and butter, then serve it hot” they said. Give your customers what they deserve, from Instagrammable entertainment on your TV to adjusting the lights from day to night, serve them the best you can offer:

  • Security and Surveillance
  • Lighting Control
  • Smart Building Technology
  • Audio / Video
  • Networking 

Gym / Spa and Massage Centers

Smart Lighting in Gymn
Serve your guests the most happy and relaxing ambiance – from the latest musical entertainment to the refreshing shower temperature. Let them have a remarkable weekend experience, leaving a promise that they would come back to your place again.






See the services we can provide them:

  • Pool / Water / Spa Control
  • Smart Building Technology
  • Audio / Video
  • Lighting Control
  • Security & Surveillance

Information and Technology Business

Advance your employee’s productivity and efficiency by centralizing the control of the business operation. Imagine an automated response from your boss – and the one-click control of temperature, lights and sounds, videos and more –  it works  and saves a lot of work as advance as you receive a mailer-daemon from Gmail. We can be there for you, virtually and physically:

  • Media Systems
  • Lighting and Sounds Control
  • Motorized Window Treatments
  • Surveillance
  • Networking
  • Integrated Room Control

So, what does Hi Tech Home Pro’s Commercial Automation really does? If Bill avails it and doesn’t think of his business’ efficiency and security when home, why don’t you? Are you #SMARTlikeBill? Or you want to be? Then, give us a call! We can arrange your needs according to your business’ lifestyle!

Be smart like bill, smart home automation

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