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Home Technology Systems Discovery Information Guide
Client Information
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Project Information
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Project Status
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Architectural Style
Unique InteriorFeatures
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Can you provide; the floor plan, elevations, site plan and electrical layers?
Do the house plans exist in Auto CAD format (electronic architectural drawings)?
Does a furniture plan for your home exist?
Does anyone in your family have special needs?
Do you anticipate adding to your family in the future (children, elderly adult, etc.)?
Home Theater and Audio/Video Systems
Electronic systems integrators can design a variety of audio and video solutions to fit your lifestyle. Everything from a custom designed home theater with surround sound to customized remote controls are available. If you have not made your choices yet, the following guide is designed to aid you in your selection.
Where do you plan to locate the majority of your audio and video equipment?
What type of content do you watch the most (sports, movies, TV)?
Do you go to the movie theater?
How Often?
Where do you normally sit ?(i.e. half way, 2/3rds back, back row)
What were the last few movies you watched?
How would you rate your current TV/Theater setup?
How large is your present television screen(s)?
Do you want your home theater to have a big screen television or a front projection system?( For the best home theater the front projection is preferred. With projection, the screen and projector are separate as in a sports bar. Both the projector and the screen can be motorized to raise and lower in and out of sight if desired. )
Do you, or will you, have cable, satellite or a combination of these?
Do you listen to the radio?
How Often?
What are your favorite stations?
What kind of music do you enjoy most?
Do you want to have different music playing in different rooms at the same time?
Would you like to have full control and selection of the music sources in each of the different rooms, or just volume control?
Are you interested in outdoor music as well?
Which locations?(Pool, Garage, Patios, etc.)
Will there ever be live music performed in your home?
If yes, would you like that music to be distributed throughout the home?
If yes, what type of performances?(Piano, Winds, Guitar, Electronic, etc.)
Please indicate the audio sources you will like to incorporate into your system
Would you like to organize and manage your CD collection and access it from any room in the house using icons on the television screens or mobile device in your home?
Would you like any of the rooms in your home acoustically treated to allow music and conversations to sound better?
Would you like any of the rooms in your home acoustically treated to isolate sound from leaking to other areas?
Are there any other additional audio/video (and their control) requirements desired?
Do you envision the wall plates in your home being one of the standard colors available (white, bone, ivory, black) or do some or all of your rooms require a special color, material or finish?
Would you like any or all of the switch, device and receptacle in your home to have a screwless appearance?
Would you like wall controls to blend seamlessly with the wall or surface finish?
Which rooms do you want to distribute music to and how would you like to control it:
Family Room/Great Room
Dining Room
Entertainment Room
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Guest Rooms
Other Bedrooms
Other Bathrooms
Exercise Area
Home Office
Exterior Structures
If OtherPlease List
Please indicate the Video Sources you will like to incorporate into your system
Would you like to distribute any of these video sources to other rooms in the home?
If YesWhich Rooms?
Where would you prefer to locate Televisions?
If OtherPlease List
Do you have any existing audio and video equipment (e.g., TVs, receivers, tuners, DVD players, gaming consoles, etc.) that you would like to incorporate into the new system?
If so, what equipment do you have now?Please List
Lighting Control Systems
A lighting control system can enhance the functionality, beauty, safety and security of your home.
Have you previously owned or used a lighting control system?
If Yes, what did you like about it?
What did you dislike about it?
Do you want a lighting control system for a large portion of the house or just a few select rooms? (The options for lighting control systems vary greatly in both price and performance. Lighting can be completely automated to provide, dimming, preset scenes, fades, or on/off programs based on time of day, daylight or dark, and motion/occupancy.)
Please indicate areas and rooms
What area(s) would you not like to control?
What specific functions would you like to see in your system?
Do you want master control?
If Yes, Where?
Do you want specific lighting scenes (night, away, entertainment, fun?
If Yes, Where?
Do you want specific pathway scenes (hallway, emergency)?
If Yes, Where?
Are you interested in any non-lighting integration conveniences?
If yes, please indicate:
Will any of the ceiling fans have light kits?
If yes, please indicate rooms:
Will you have ceiling fans?
If yes, please indicate rooms:
How many garage door openers?
Are you including a back-up generator in your design?
Would you like emergency lighting designed in specific areas to work with the back-up generator system?
Are you interested in a Balanced Power System for your home to eliminate AC hum and noise?
Any other requirements for this category desired?
Additional Notes:more details
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Home Office & Personal Computers
If you are planning a home office, which of the following features and equipment are desired?
Do you use Apple or PC/Windows based computers?
What will be the main uses of your computer(s) and what programs do you frequently use?
Other Home Office/ Computer needs?
Additional Notes:more details
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Communications (Telephone and Intercom)
How many incoming telephone lines will you have?
How will lines be used?
Do you want a video door phone or just voice at the door(s) or entrance gate?
Telephone Key Systems, similar to those found in small businesses or office environments, can provide the following features(Please check those of interest)
How many separate extensions do you need?( Most telephone key systems allow the use of standard phones as well as the key (or system) phones. While standard phones don’t have the full set of features as key phones, they are practical in locations such as the guest rooms. Cordless phones are another option for additional extensions. )
Would you prefer house paging through the audio system’s speakers?
Do you want voice annunciation?( Voice messages can be activated based on events i.e. “It’s raining. Please check the upstairs windows.” or “Someone’s at the front gate.” or “There’s an incoming fax.” )
Do you want to control your home systems via telephone?( i.e. get status, arm security, set presets such as HOME or AWAY’ etc. via an outside call or via any extension phone in the home. )
Please indicate the rooms you wish to locate telephones in and the desired features
Number of Incoming Lines:
Quantity, Style, Type & Color of Handsets:
Style: Wall Mount = WM / Desk Top = DT / Cordless =CL
Color: Black = BL / Gray = GY / White = WH
Type: Basic = B / Speaker Phone = SP / Display = D / Fax = FX
Phone Jacks and Colors
Style: Surface = SF / Flush = FL / Decora = DC / Standard = S
Color: White = WH / Bone = BN / Ivory = I
RoomsPlease indicate Along Quanity, Style, Type and Color, as well as Phone Jacks indicate Style and Color
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Please indicate other phone system features you would like to include:
Door Intercom
Music On Hold
External Page
Battery Backup
Voice Mail/Call Attendant
Additonal Notesmore details
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Security and Safety
Do you want security cameras?( The camera’s video can appear on unused channels on your TVs. We can suggest the locations and number of cameras. )
Will you have regularly scheduled housekeeping or service personnel?
Would you like to detect water leaks?( i.e. in the kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms or HVAC drain pans )
Will your home have natural or LP gas?
Do you want electric door locks?
If Yes, Which Doors?
Do you have any specific requests or requirements for elderly or special-needs residents and guests?
Will you have automatic entrance gates to the property?
If Yes, List Location(s)
Do you want a driveway alert that provides an indication of an approaching vehicle?
Any special security requirements?( i.e. large backyards or unprotected perimeters)
Additional Notesmore details
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Heating and Cooling Systems (HVAC)
Do you want to zone your heating and cooling to provide independent temperature control over different rooms or areas?
How many and what type of heating/cooling units are you planning?
Are you planning humidity control?
Will you want electronic air cleaners or radon detectors?
Will you want a weather station?( i.e. indications of outside temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure readings)
Will you have areas that need precise temperature and humidity control?( i.e. a fine wine cellar, art or book collection)
Any other environmental requirements you feel are needed?
Additional Notesmore details
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Water-Related Systems
Do you want to integrate controls for the pool, spa, or sauna?
Is there a greenhouse or atrium?
Do you want to integrate control and scheduling of the landscape irrigation system or do you want a separate stand-alone controller that is easily accessed by the gardener?
Will you want electronic plumbing?Products are available that can sense when you place your hands under the faucet and will deliver precise water temperature. Others include automated toilets and electronic controls for showers and baths.)
Indoor plant watering?(There are products available that provide an automatic watering system for indoor plants. Water outlets (much like the old gas stove outlets) are plumbed for strategic location around the home to provide scheduled watering for houseplants.)
Other water system requirements?
Additional Notesmore details
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