Climate Control

Climate Control

changing the temperaure in a house with climate control automation on ipad

A climate control system can be as easy as a programmable thermostat, but for added benefits you may wish to include this control to your home automation system. Everyone who owns a home understands which buttons to press on the wall-mounted thermostat to change the space temperature in the house. Many have already installed a programmable thermostat, so why change it?

If the thermostat settings can be changed with a centralized controller, then the dimension of environment control can be included to offer a more powerful control of the home environment. Now a party “scene” might launch a certain playlist for music circulation, set the lighting to desired levels in certain rooms, and lower the temperature set point due to the fact that more people in the house will raise the temperature of the room they are in. All these functions are available to be adjusted with the touch of a single button!

When the thermostat is configured to the appropriate set points when your home is empty or in the evening when everyone is resting, this will correspond to energy and expense savings.
The common programmable thermostat has the following features:

  • mode (heat, cool, auto, off) can be varied for a pre-defined period throughout the day
  • heating and cooling set points can be varied for a pre-defined period throughout the day,
  • fan control can also be adjusted for a pre-defined period throughout the day
  • the everyday schedule can be different from every day throughout the week

Whether you are looking to find a complex automated climate-control system or easy remote tracking, anybody can gain from more control over their Air Conditioner Venting  and Heating systems. The environment, not to mention your wallet, will thank you for it.

Ask our pros about integrating climate control into your home automation system.

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