How Smart Homes Take Over The World (Infographic)

  Smart homes has been the next big thing for quite sometime. You might not realize it, but your day is now much easier because of it. Smart home technology not only transform your homes, but also other markets like establishments, office and buildings, science, elderly care, and even healthcare. Here are some factors that […]

ADT Security and Hi Tech Home pros collaboration

ADT Security and Hi Tech Home Pros Partner to Enhance Smart Home Experience

Denver, Colorado (August 14, 2018) – ADT Security Services, the leading property security service provider in North America, today announced that its comprehensive smart home system now works flawlessly with Hi Tech Home Pros.  Clients can manage their Hi Tech Home Pros products from their ADT Security Services Pulse™ panel or ADT Security Services mobile […]

What Commercial Automation Really Does?

  How Commercial Automation Can Help Grow Your Business   After-work stress? Are you tired of getting phone calls from your people that there is a water leakage in your office in the middle of the night? Getting stocked with e-mails that your designated employee is late and the conference didn’t take place because of […]

Why install Home Security System

WHY Install a Home Security System at Home?

Reasons to Install a Home Security System at Home? Here’s Why Published by: Sean Waters. Installing a home security system can be pricey, but not installing one could cost you a lot more. In this post, we will take a look at top ten reasons to set up a house security system or upgrading your existing […]

Control 4 Misconception

4 Myths about Control 4 Home Automation

4 Misconceptions about Control 4 Home Automation Perhaps you knew how incredible the Control 4 Home Automation System is? You have heard probably about what Home Automation does with your friends and colleagues, but you’re not yet decided if you would avail one or not? There is a little thing that’d holding you back, and […]

How Lighting and Shading Help My Business

Confession of a modern CEO – Lighting and Shading  Motorized Window Treatments Have you ever felt sleepy while someone is presenting a sale stock in the conference room? I have. Have you ever wake up on a Sunday morning because the light outside is too bright to even open up your eyes? I have! That’s […]

Survelence and Security Camera

Why More People in the US are Installing ADT CCTV in 2018?

ADT Professional Security and Surveillance Systems After the long holiday from Christmas, everyone seems unhappy going back to their normal routine. Home – Work – Home – then weekends. Spending time with family and friends is the most vital thing to anyone – so is their comfort and security. This 2018, the uprising demand for […]

Home Security Camera and Surveillance Systems

What to look for in a Smart Home Security System

Here’s whats required to understand your next Smart Home Security System Getting Started: A Smarter Method to Keep Your Home and Your Household Safe The Web of Things has made it easier than ever to establish a smart home in which you can remotely control your lights, door locks, thermostats, shades, vacuums, lawnmowers, and even […]

Smart Irrigation System by Spruce...

Make your Garden, a smart Garden with Spruce

Spruce is simple to operate, stick the units into the ground and set the sprinkler valves to the Spruce system using the Spruce app in SmartThings. Spruce will figure out the best times for watering your plants and after that arrange them automatically. Want it automatic? Spruce will take into account the substantial moisture and […]

LED Lighting is the future of low cost lighting

Save Money with LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diode (LED) innovation has shown to be energy effective, but developing a real number to represent overall cost savings needs more than just comparing an upgraded facilities before and after electric bills. This post will provide a complete sample of figures to examine the ROI for a LED lighting job by calculating your […]

Smart Home Hacking prevention

Prevent Your Smart Home from Getting Hacked with 5 Simple Steps

Smart-home industry is growing rapidly It is projected to reach $21.6 billion by 2020- smart home: security alarm systems, security cams, infant screens and other devices that depend on apps and web websites are ending up being more prevalent. While internet connectivity for home devices might be convenient, it’s not so ideal for security, as […]

Transform your iPhone/iPad into a Baby Monitor for under $10

Being a parent, taking care of your child is your number 1 priority. You always think if your infant is comfortable, is he/she sleeping, is he/she feeling well, etc.  You need to watch everything, including your individual work and events. Sometimes, it can be hard to manage all the work and the attention your infant […]

Seniors and Babyboomers using technology to assist in care and age in place

Assistive Domotics for Elderly and Care Givers

Assistive domotics is an application of home automation that focuses on making it possible for senior or physically challenged individuals to live at their home instead of a health care center. These items use Bluetooth sensing units to track movements in the home, or lack thereof, of elderly moms and dads. Sensing units affixed to […]

save money using home automation

Money Saving Tips using Home Automation

Money Saving Tips When you automate your home, you have the ability to control your devices and systems while you’re away or on the go. Whether you are a couple of miles away at the workplace or across the nation, all you need is a mobile phone or desktop that can link to the web […]

home automation for dogs

Pet Automation for your Smart Home

Pet Automation is Available Home automation is not only for you but can extend to all the members of your family. Pet automation is being developed as we speak. check out this article by “The increasing popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) is driven by a desire for connectivity, creeping into our daily […]

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