structured wiring for smart home technology

Wiring Basics for a Smart Home

Wiring Basics for Existing Properties & New Construction This guide provides information regarding basic cabling for a home under construction or for a retrofit as a prerequisite to installing home automation. Correct wiring of a home, new or existing Whether you’re developing a new home or preparing on automating your present one, installing suitable wiring is a […]

Smart Irrigation System by Spruce...

Make your Garden, a smart Garden with Spruce

Spruce is simple to operate, stick the units into the ground and set the sprinkler valves to the Spruce system using the Spruce app in SmartThings. Spruce will figure out the best times for watering your plants and after that arrange them automatically. Want it automatic? Spruce will take into account the substantial moisture and […]

LED Lighting is the future of low cost lighting

Save Money with LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diode (LED) innovation has shown to be energy effective, but developing a real number to represent overall cost savings needs more than just comparing an upgraded facilities before and after electric bills. This post will provide a complete sample of figures to examine the ROI for a LED lighting job by calculating your […]

Prevent Your Smart Home from Getting Hacked with 5 Simple Steps

Smart-home industry is growing rapidly It is projected to reach $21.6 billion by 2020- smart home: security alarm systems, security cams, infant screens and other devices that depend on apps and web websites are ending up being more prevalent. While internet connectivity for home devices might be convenient, it’s not so ideal for security, as […]

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