4 Myths about Control 4 Home Automation

Control 4 Misconception

4 Misconceptions about Control 4 Home Automation

Perhaps you knew how incredible the Control 4 Home Automation System is? You have heard probably about what Home Automation does with your friends and colleagues, but you’re not yet decided if you would avail one or not? There is a little thing that’d holding you back, and that’s why we are going to bust it in this article!


“Home automation is a luxurious lifestyle only wealthy people can afford.”

Myth Busted! Home automation is a SMART lifestyle – not luxurious. Hi Tech Home Pros can give you smart packages according to your needs and priorities. Smart Lock Packages? Yes. Lighting Control? Yes. Entertainment System? Yes. Our happy professional agents can help you choose the life you always wanted. Going on vacation for weeks and wanting people to know that the house is not alone? You can put the lighting on and off even when you are on the other side of the world. With your control4 System connected to your devices, there’s always a peace of mind inside you in spite of loud music over your beach party!


“It doesn’t work altogether.’

With partnership for over 10, 000 devices from hundreds of world-class brands, Hi Tech Home Pros Control4 solutions are designed to work with the consumer appliances and electronics you trust. Google, Apple, Samsung and more are just a few clients we collaborated with. With your system connected to ALL your devices, you are getting notified when you need to lock the room downstairs. We are taking advantage of the Power of Technology in this generation that is 100 percent sure more dependable than manual efforts. With the Control4 system, you have the eye everywhere at home – and you can feel safer than the one who has not.


“It’s just too overwhelming to use, just a headache.”

When does texting become uneasier? If you know how to create an account on Facebook then congratulations! You can operate our user-friendly Control4 system with your fingertips using your smart devices! In Hi Tech Home Pros, convenience is one of our priorities – we want to work smart – not work hard. We make sure our customers get the best things in life – including their comfort to download our Control4 app! Now available in iOs and Androids.


“Too much installation at home.”

Myth Busted! Don’t be afraid that wires are running through your wall, doors, and windows! Good thing we have experts who can help you plan the construction so you can figure out where you want to put all your Ethernet cable wires and for future expansions. Since all control4 system device is wireless, you can forget those worries about cables. We promise a lifestyle that is trendy and stylish – we commit to deliver it the best possible way we can!

Still not convinced yet? We have people who can help you to decide to take the first step! Our 24-hr agents are happy to provide you solutions! Let’s hear it from our happy and satisfied customers!

Myths about Control 4 Home Automation

“First, my husband and I started with two rooms for our lighting automation. Then, we completed the whole house because we are delighted with their work, very professional and Wow, it’s an instant status” says, Dianne, a Banker.

Home automation can be made affordable by starting with few rooms concentrating on specific features, such as lighting, music or security. The price is largely dependent on your budget and priorities.

“My friends told me that it’s just a gimmick and will end soon. I realized that I need a smart home and smart friends! Why? My smart home notifies me when I leave the door open for 10 minutes – sometimes it will just lower the blinds when it’s too warm outside – automatically! Who doesn’t need those?” says Carla, Manager.

Many misconceptions about the smart home can be daunting – but in the end, we all will decide what’s best for our loved ones and us. We made it clear from the start –  live smart.

Control 4 Home Automation By: Hi Tech Home Pros.


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